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Are you agreeing with this statement “fun things can we get from camera”? This statement according to me is right, if you want know the reason, I can not say all the reason, because very much. I will explain one of the reasons; with camera we can save our old memories, right?

An old memory is priceless, we can not play time back and we did all the same event with the same time. For example, when you were child, you will go to your school at seven o’clock in the morning, you asked your father to send you, and at the time your mother was feeding you, and I  like to take pictures anytime, I take that event, and your family didn’t know when you taken it, all expression very natural.

And now, you try to do it again, you ask your mother to feed your sister, I believe the expression is very different exactly. So, save all event you feel.