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A Quality Tripod: There are a number of conditions where absolute stillness is required. In such instances, a tripod allows you to keep the camera steady while still enabling you to make minute adjustments and fine tuning. Ideally, your tripod should be durable and portable as well. Quality products are typically crafted from carbon fiber.

A Neck Strap: Those who have had to spend a long day with a heavy camera slung around their neck knows the importance of a quality padded neck strap. As well as allowing you to much more comfortable, a properly cushioned neck strap also absorbs movement, making it simpler so that you can stay with your feet for longer. This really is crucial for all photographers, particularly those who’re seeking a moving subject.

Batteries and Memory Cards: Whatever the kind of digital photography you specialize in, it never hurts to be ready. This is the reason a good photographer bears additional of everything they needs, if possible. In fact, you will never know whenever your memory card will inexplicably be corrupt or your batteries will suddenly die. Fortunately, these supplies are fairly portable. You may also buy little booklets to carry memory cards in, keeping them protected from static and dust. If battery powers are extremely very easy to lose, a cordless charger can do wonders for keeping your camera powered in a pinch. If you’re taking indoor shots, an AC adapter can also be ideal for keeping your camera powered if everything else has failed.

Protective Casing: Any expert photographer will discover why this is one of the most important top five essential accessories. Ideally, you need to be equipped with protective casing not only for your camera, but for your lenses and flash cases as well, if applicable. These are great for maintaining the digital camera and accessories protected against scratches, dings, and cracks. To keep your supplies nicely organized, a camera bag is ideal for keeping everything in one place while supplying an additional protective layer

A Cleaning Kit: A cleaning kit is completely essential to keep your lenses, shutters, and LCD in good working order. These kits typically contain soft cloths, air wands, small brushes, and specific alternatives to keep your cameras free of dirt, grime, and dust. Not only will keeping a cleaning kit make it easier to your camera working for longer it will also prevent your camera from breaking down when you really need it the most. This is particularly essential if you specialize in outdoor photography.


Do you think the camera accessories digital camera that many peoples used will be the same on the cameras used by a photographer? For some of it was same, like a camera bag to store your camera when you have finished using it. It is clear that a photographer’s camera accessories needs will be more than a digital camera that is used only for us. Do you have a photo in the studio with your family or with your friends? You can see, right? From the form of camera, lenses are longer and more focused than usual consumer cameras, as well as accessories are used.

In contrast with our digital cameras are only used for personal, photographers use special cameras to take pictures not just for personal satisfaction, they also want satisfaction of their customers. What are the accessories that are commonly used by photographers that you usually see in a photo studio? Tripod, definitely a lot of accessories we know this one; a tripod is very useful when shooting close ups of flowers or small creatures and help you to have full control of your image. Remote shutter release is the other camera accessory. This accessory package with a tripod and usually very important when avoiding camera shake that ultimately you will produce a blurry picture. A circular polarizing filter, the latest accessories used this helpful photographers taking your picture, avoid the glare effect caused by objects that were taken.

In order to get a good photo, some other aspects that must be considered are their paper photos and photo printer. Choosing good printer cartridges to print a photo is a must if you want to get a good photo result and of course combining with good quality photo papers. You can get some useful information here if you are looking for cheapest printer cartridges.

The accessories of the camera, of course, the things outside the camera body itself with the function of the camera itself as a catcher of light, consists of the camera body and lens. However, there are several cameras that could be considered the nicest lenses including accessories; because it consists of many lenses you can change your shots as you wish.

Accessories include a camera, batteries for the light flash, charging cable for digital cameras, battery charging, tripod, memory card, card reader, vacuum cleaners cameras, camera bags, cleaning chemicals.
And post photographic equipment for the camera user manual, paper-like film, liquid base, dark room, scissors, red lights and batteries, because still manual just to replace the battery if it runs out, not to recharge like a digital camera or charging. Or for the artist photo installations, including lighting equipment, umbrellas, background scenery, and so forth. For the artist photo installations, you can see in photo studio.

Choosing a camera lens demands good knowledge and experience with various types of camera lenses. Despite knowing which lens works best in certain conditions is important, photographers also choose a specific lens to produce a specific photographic effect. Light, composition and subject matter of a scene photographer’s choice affects all lenses. Because by simply changing the lens, the scope of potential changes in the picture, too. Understanding the difference between the lenses will help you get the best picture.

When selecting a camera lens, you should know there are some factors to consider. How will you use it? How solid is not really necessary? What type of lens will work with your camera? Choose a durable lens. If you plan to use your camera lens every day, or even weekly, it is best to choose a lens name brands, like Canon, Nikon, Fuji, or Pentax. If you are a hobbyist who take pictures on vacation but valid for many months without using the camera, you might want to buy the lens-light duties, such as Tamron or Sigma. Select a telephoto lens to take pictures of distant subjects, such as sports and scenery. Choose a wide angle lens when taking pictures in a narrow area, or to get a picture of a scene. Select a macro lens for close-up photography. Use it to catch small objects or very fine detail record. Learn about the focal length, is called a zoom lens. The smaller focal length of the lens, the wider viewing angle.

Buying a camera sometimes is challenging. If you are buying pocket camera, there is no much aspect do you need to think, no more accessories you need to buy for the camera. But that is different when you want one of the most advance like Single Lens Reflector camera (SLR camera).

For pocket camera, all you just need to considered when you want to buy one are, their pixel, zoom ability, battery life, and some of others accessories that might be not too important. But for SLR camera, before buying one think more to the next step. How much cost that you can spend to buy their accessories.

To get the most ability from SLR camera, there are another equipment that you need to look in.

Lens. What makes SLR camera become advance camera is because we can choose their lens which one is our favorites or our suits. If we want to get picture with huge or wide view, just pick one of wide angle lens.

Flash. Sometimes using flash is important in low light condition. SLR camera usually installed with auto flash that already been there in the body of camera. But using extra flash to get better picture for low light condition is important.

That’s only 2 camera accessories that you might be considered when you want to buy SLR camera, and there’s more out there. But the most important are those of 2.

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