Camera Accessories

Some of camera accessories

Posted on: December 7, 2010

The accessories of the camera, of course, the things outside the camera body itself with the function of the camera itself as a catcher of light, consists of the camera body and lens. However, there are several cameras that could be considered the nicest lenses including accessories; because it consists of many lenses you can change your shots as you wish.

Accessories include a camera, batteries for the light flash, charging cable for digital cameras, battery charging, tripod, memory card, card reader, vacuum cleaners cameras, camera bags, cleaning chemicals.
And post photographic equipment for the camera user manual, paper-like film, liquid base, dark room, scissors, red lights and batteries, because still manual just to replace the battery if it runs out, not to recharge like a digital camera or charging. Or for the artist photo installations, including lighting equipment, umbrellas, background scenery, and so forth. For the artist photo installations, you can see in photo studio.


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